Our hearts go out to all those affected by the closure of Iowa Wesleyan. 帮助那些受影响的人, we have created the IW Match program, where Iowa Wesleyan students can transfer to Millikin with no additional out-of-pocket tuition costs. 欲知详情,请浏览 support.thecorpseofannafritz.com/IWMatch.



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  • 什么是“职前培训”项目?

    The advising offered by the 在进行职前培训 program is specifically designed as a springboard to the next step in your academic career. For many students who are interested in a career in health care, you already know that your academic path will be different than many of your peers.

    Our programs are structured in a way that you build the foundation specific to your chosen path, while also building a broad-based understanding of the arts, 社会问题, 和业务. Let us help you embark on one of the greatest adventures of your life - your professional career.


    The 在进行职前培训 Program at Millikin University welcomes new students to join our community of learners. We will help you prepare for a post-graduate degree and a career in the health care. Personal contact with the Director of the 在进行职前培训 Program as well as admission exam preparation, 面试准备, 个人申请援助, 将168体育首页的程序与其他程序区别开来. This is an advising program, not a major. The program director works with each student individually to prepare for professional success beyond Millikin.

    Please use this website as a resource and see our 常见问题时间线资源 欲了解更多信息. The department also welcomes your questions. 为了最有效的反应, please use our contact form or set up a personal meeting with the director through the 招生办公室. The director will be delighted to meet with you and your family to explain the program in detail and answer your questions.


    The 在进行职前培训 Program complements the Millikin's mission statement. The director of the program provides guidance and advice to help you achieve your academic and professional goals in a global environment. You will be encouraged to acquire a broad education in the humanities and sciences, to strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills and to become a competitive candidate for post graduate programs in professional schools, ultimately leading to a career in health care.

    The program at Millikin is highly individualized. Each person in the program is treated with honesty and respect. There are many pathways that students can travel to achieve success and the program will facilitate that journey.


  • Pre-Chiropractic


    Although professional schools vary in their philosophies and requirements for admission, they all emphasize the importance of a diverse education.
  • Pre-Dentistry


    Prospective dental students should plan an academic program with an emphasis on science, 包括化学, 生物学, physics and math with at least four years of college-level pre-dental education. All dental schools approved by the American Dental Association require applicants to pass a Dental 入学 Test (usually one year prior to entry into professional school).
  • Pre-Medicine


    Men and women who want to be medical doctors must have a desire to serve patients, be self-motivated and be able to survive the day-to-day pressures and long hours of study. Physicians also must be willing to learn throughout their career to keep up with advances in medicine.
  • 职前治疗


    Students in occupational therapy who plan to begin clinical work after three years at Millikin must complete a minimum of 92 credits while at Millikin, including 24 credits in the major and 24 credits in upper-division courses.
  • Pre-Optometry


    The four-year optometry school program is preceded by at least three years of study at an accredited college or university and most students have a bachelor's degree. 有17所认可的美国大学.S. 验光学校. Acceptance is dependent upon undergraduate performance, Optometry 入学 Test (OAT) scores, 评估函, interview results and successful completion of all entrance requirements.
  • Pre-Pharmacy


    If you have a sincere interest in people and health, you may consider pharmacy as a career. Modern pharmacy offers outstanding opportunities for professional service and personal achievement.

  • Pre-Physical疗法


    Millikin's pre-physical therapy program prepares students for the physical therapy clinical work that they will complete elsewhere. Most clinical programs require that the student earn the bachelor's degree before transferring to a master's degree program in physical or occupational therapy.
  • Pre-Physician助理


    The physician assistant (PA) practices medicine under the supervision of licensed D.O.s或M.D.S,提供各种健康服务. PAs come into direct contact with patients on a continuing basis, 通常作为最初的病人接触, they deal with all kinds of people.
  • Pre-Veterinary医学


    Veterinarians care for livestock, pets, sporting and laboratory animals. They prevent the outbreak and spread of animal diseases and perform autopsies on diseased animals. Veterinarians must be good decision makers, 有敏锐的观察力, 熟练的动手能力, skills with both animals and people.