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A mathematics major will:

  • read and construct mathematical proofs in two advanced subject areas,
  • apply appropriate mathematical techniques to solve problems within mathematics and in extra-disciplinary contexts, and
  • complete a research project, including dissemination of the project’s findings.


Program Highlights

Students interested in immediate employment in a mathematical area or in further study in mathematics should elect this option.

In addition to the foundation requirements, students must take

  • MA305 - Differential Equations
  • MA340 - Calculus III
  • MA403 - Abstract Algebra
  • MA440 - Advanced Calculus
  • MA499 - Senior Seminar
  • CS135 - Introduction to Computer Science
  • CS235 - Introduction to Data Science
  • Two courses selected from
    • CS308 - Theory of Computation
    • MA313 - Numerical Analysis
    • MA314 - Mathematical Statistics
    • MA320 - History of Mathematics
    • MA324 - Theory of Interest
    • MA420 - Mathematical Logic
    • MA472 - Internship
    • MA491,492,493,494 - Independent Study
  • A minimum of 15 additional credit hours in a discipline to which mathematics is applied. Students’ areas of application will be made in consultation with their academic advisors.  

Plan of Study

Mathematics 8 Semester Plan