Health Communication Certificate

Health Communication

Health Communication Certificate

Students who complete a Health Communication Certificate will accomplish the following:

  • Study the role of communication in the ways that humans understand, develop, promote, and maintain health, as well as prevent, diagnose, and treat illness.
  • Engage¬† in the application of knowledge in diverse health care contexts and issues.
  • Possible careers paths: health promotion, public health, community outreach and education, medical office manager, pharmaceutical sales, patient advocate, public relations for a health care organization.

Required Courses

Communicating about Health In this course, you will gather a basic understanding of the principles of health communication research and theory. We will explore the U.S. healthcare system, discuss foundational and contemporary theory and research in the field of health communication, and examine the applied value of health communication research, theory, and practice. Course topics will center on health communication history and policy, interpersonal communication surrounding health, and mediated messages about health. You will leave the course prepared to utilize knowledge of the study of health communication in academic and applied settings.
Culture and Health Culture includes the customers, beliefs, values, actions, language, and identities of a social group. These facets of culture are intricately tied to health behaviors, experiences, and outcomes. In this course, we will explore the ways that culture and health mutually influence each other. Through case studies, research and theory, and performance learning, we will (a) learn about a range of cultural approaches to health and illness, (b) evaluate the role of communication in the link between culture and health, and (c) develop a workshop to promote culturally competent care in health organizations.


6 credits (all must be Communication courses). Topics courses approved by chair.


Program Highlights

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