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Intellectual Challenges that Lead to Worldview Changes

Millikin University’s Philosophy Department is specifically designed for students interested in solving intellectual challenges, expanding their worldviews and pursuing fields such as law, theology, medicine and more. 



  • ProspectiveStudents

    Choose between specifically designed academic tracks in the philosophy major, targeting ethics or pre-law. Immerse yourself in Performance Learning opportunities such as Moot Court and Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl to get valuable professional experience and networks before graduation. 

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  • Programs of Study

    • Philosophy

      Philosophy Major

      Philosophical study is a rigorous activity that facilitates the development and growth of the mind. Learn to think critically, demonstrate intellectual courage and learn to explore the transcendent, the puzzling and the wonderful in your everyday life.
    • Ethics


      The Ethics track reinforces and substantially extends Millikin’s emphasis on ethical reasoning and issues of social justice.
    • Pre-Law


      If you’re thinking about law school, you should be thinking about getting started at Millikin. Pre-Law at Millikin is not a major, but an advising program that prepares you for law school. We prepare you to succeed in law school by through several specific strategies.
    • Philosophy Minors

      Philosophy Minor

      The Philosophy Minor provides students with a highly flexible option for exploring a range of topics and issues in philosophy.
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    Keyria Rodgers, director of Millikin University's Criminal Justice Department and instructor of criminal justice, shares her thoughts on the Decatur Peace Summit Series and how the Peace Summit is meant to be an ongoing effort to benefit the Decatur community.